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Therapeutic Coaching - To find My Self

Let yourself be guided by my therapeutic process to realize how simple it is to be happy. How easy it is to learn to be at peace with yourself and the outside world.Let me guide you to reconcile yourself with the child you were, with your past and its torments, and to become able to build your future while fully living the present moment…


The duration

21 sessions . Each session contains one or more videos, audio, and reflections. The session’s duration has an average of 30min. 30min a day is enough to become a better version of yourself.


You start: Immediately after purchase confirmation.

Languages used

In 3 languages, you choose the language that suits you best: Arabic, French, English.

30 min a day is enough to become a best version of yourself.

Why am I the right person to accompany you?

No one can understand you better than someone who has gone through the same loss you feel deep inside.
Or someone who saw their life shaped by others instead of being in control of their choices and decisions.
No one can understand you better than someone who has complied with bogus rules, false realities, and fear of being deemed non-compliant.
Or a person who has seen others use their potential instead of putting it to their own service and willingly benefiting other people.
I went through all these phases and many others. And I managed to get out of this thorny journey thanks to a deep work within me.
And I found myself! I absolutely do not regret any phase of my life, believing that if I am where I am, it’s thanks to all my experiences, with no exception.
And because finding yourself is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you, I have set up this therapeutic coaching in order to help as many people as possible benefit from appreciating themselves and appreciating life at its fair value.
Shall we go ?

Enjoy a free session of my therapy
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To whom is this therapy suitable?

  • To anyone feeling lost and wishing to find their bearings and move forward on the path of their life
  • To anyone who can’t come to terms with their past
  • To anyone fearing an uncertain future
  • To anyone anxious, stressed, and has a feeling of fear
  • To anyone feeling a permanent malaise
  • To anyone who cannot get over a bereavement
  • To anyone who is stagnant and no longer knows how to move forward or where to go
  • To anyone who can’t manage their emotions
  • To anyone who feels fragile, who cannot manage their daily life
  • To an emotionally ill person
  • To anyone who does not feel in tune with their inner Self
  • To anyone who wants to move on to a better version of themselves
What is the formula of this online therapy?
  • Daily guidance
  • Auto adjustable Full HD video format depending on your connection
  • High-quality sound
  • 21 essential awareness sessions to find yourself and become a better version of yourself
  • Each session is a doorway to new awareness that motivates you to keep going until the end
  • Empathy and real emotions
  • Meditation audios
  • A powerful self-guided session of revolutionary and very profound Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)
  • Techniques for implementing the new state of mind
  • Deep thinking exercises

What will you learn? What will change in you?

Meet who you are
Realize that your happiness is at your fingertips and learn to be happy
Understand and learn the mechanisms of a healthy emotional and psychological lifestyle
Understand what your emotions want to tell you
Turn vulnerability into strength
Free yourself from useless and false beliefs and rules to regain your freedom, your birthright
Learn to enjoy and live fully in the present moment
Gain confidence and possibilities
Free yourself from negative emotions
Appreciate and love life
Love yourself
Regain your confidence and joy
Overcome fear of judgment
Be more creative
Attract what you desire


The prices:

Part 1: contains TEN sessions centered on the SELF, on the search for “Who am I?” and how to find your authenticity, values, and mission.
Price: 99 €

Part 2: This second part teaches us to continue the peace within us process outward. It teaches us to reconcile with ourselves and the outside world to project ourselves to build the desired future, to learn and understand the process of forgiveness, serenity, empathy, and acceptance.
Price: 99 €

The therapy process

You put the therapy in the cart and proceed to the payment of your purchase.
You receive an email for access to the online therapy.
You have access to session number 1, and you can view all the titles of the other 20 locked sessions.
When you finish your 1st session and click on finish, 12 hours later, you will have access to session number 2 and so on
Each time you complete a session, you must click finish for the next session to be unlocked (always 12 hours later)
Any unlocked session will still be accessible
You follow the therapy at your own pace, ideally visualizing one session per day for 21 days
You can use any device (computer, smartphone, tablet)

The content of the therapy

This online therapy contains scientific proofs based on high-level studies.
Although based on scientific evidence, the sessions are simple and easy to understand.
The Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy (RTT) session will guide the user through a deep cleansing of childhood residue.
The sessions will allow you a real connection with yourself, your feelings, your demons, your fears and your regrets and will allow you to evacuate and break all ties with them.
The guided meditations offer great and amasing trip inside yourself.
The proposed techniques that will allow you to change your MINDSET and achieve the desired impact are simple and effective.

Enjoy a free session of my therapy
Enter your email address and enjoy a gift session of the therapy "To find myself"